Captain Skyhawk

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“The concept itself had been seen before, but Captain Skyhawk put it into an intergalactic battle across pretty landscapes and booming sounds.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

I confess: I could never beat this game without the invincibility code (three clockwise rotations around the control pad during the start-up credits). But even flying around invincible remained fun, as you could barrel roll over the boundaries and re-wrap back onto the level grid. The Top Gun-style levels may have been my favorite parts, as nothing quite beats the satisfaction of locking onto an enemy fighter and launching that deadly missile. This was definitely a Nintendo game with a unique feel, worthy of the occasional nostalgia replay, and one that I have probably played through many times despite its repetitive gameplay. You also have to love that classic Rare-flavored soundtrack by David Wise.

Speaking of the invincibility code, here’s a Let’s Play run I did with it:

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