Racket Attack

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“The highlight of this video game’s graphics is the very smooth play involved; whether it is the sometimes-too-quick motion of the characters, or the remarkably fluid ball motions, the looks are not an obstacle to enjoyment.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

This is an interesting one, and a little difficult to review, with potentially provocative implications about the nature of video game reviews in general. After all, this is certainly an enjoyable game, and the quality of its play is comparable to even similarly themed titles from the 16-bit Super Nintendo, such as Super Tennis. However, no matter how much you like it, it would be difficult to argue that this is an above-average title. Such, perhaps, is the unfortunate truth behind many sports simulators that do not have any sort of go-the-extra-mile quality (NBA Jam and Tecmo Bowl come to mind, as far as retro games go). Without a hook or catch to lure in a wider audience of gamers, titles like Racket Attack will always be considered as “just another average sports game.” Nonetheless, if you are familiar with the Wii Sports version of Tennis, I recommend trying Racket Attack, just for the fun of seeing the timing mechanics behind shot placement still in place nearly two decades earlier.

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