Demon Sword

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“Demon Sword boasts fast-paced high-flying gameplay that feels like playing a video game version of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon…”
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Sometimes, you just enjoy a game more than most people seem to; you appreciate its subtle nuances that others seem to gloss over or outright ignore, you love the way it plays while others never quite seem to get the hang of it, and you extol its virtues while others shrug it off and see it as typical. This is likely such a game for me. Like the saying goes, ice cream shops do not just stock chocolate and vanilla: Every once in a while, someone strolls in and orders butter pecan.

There are Shinobi fans and there are Ninja Gaiden fans, and even in regards to Demon Sword there are Legend of Kage fans (did you know that a “sequel,” Legend of Kage 2, was released for the portable Game Boy DS system 22 years after the arcade release of Legend of Kage?), but I am a Demon Sword fan. I wish every gamer could see this adventure through my eyes and feel the excitement coursing through my thumbs as I play through. I just have this positive, smiling, almost-giddy satisfaction at leaping a hundred feet across the screen, strategically stunning enemy demonic ninjas to my left and right, and perfectly timing my sword strikes to gain the power-ups I need to beat the boss. It is simple, but it works: Demon Sword.

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