... Frightening.

“This game sucks.”
– from the full review, which you can read here

A pain to play, a pain to review: Beetlejuice, the definitive example of a movie license mishandled in an attempt to quickly capitalize on revenue before players spread the horrific quality by word-of-mouth. This is a terrible video game.

It had one or two interesting pieces of potential. For one, the source material: Tim Burton’s Bettlejuice is a dark comedy of intriguing merit, and makes for an odd choice for an 8-bit platformer. Secondly, there are mechanics in place to involve some transformation Scare effects, that not only could have been a bit innovative if done well, but serve to go even further beyond the original film canon.

But horrendous, critical, very bad design bugs dash apart the whole vision. Two examples, one: Although the screen can scroll upward, if you ever travel upward, but then jump down to touch the bottom of the screen, Beetlejuice dies. That’s right, the scrolling is only one-way vertical, and this is not only sorry programming, but can be a headache in certain spots. Secondly, the game further compounds boundary issues and hit-detection problems by not defining many edges that it should. See that screenshot below? If Beetlejuice walks to the right, to fall down the ground, then walks left, he will pass right through what should be a wall and fall to his death. This is silly. A platforming video game on the NES should not have such basic, and thus horrendous, problems.

Also: I usually do not do things this way, but I nabbed these two gameplay images from VGMuseum, an excellent resource if you need just a quick, small gameplay shot.

La la la!

Be careful out there.

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  2. I kind of want to play this game to see how bad it really is. I’m a sucker for playing bad games (especially bad movie ones), similar to how I enjoy watching cheesy bad movies.

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