Kung Fu

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“Really, since it was one of the first titles for the NES at all, Kung Fu paved the path for several ideas: The beat-’em-up genre as a whole, and the idea of porting arcade games to a home console.”
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Although that line is in the review, I should probably clarify. Somewhat obviously, arcade ports had been done for earlier systems, notably the Atari 2600. Kung Fu, more accurately, was one of  the Nintendo Entertainment System’s initial thrusts into that arena. Looking at those original 18 launch titles provides an interesting commentary on Nintendo’s choices of what to develop for their brand-new home video game console, with such high hopes riding on it. I am not sure precisely how well Kung Fu delivered on those lofty expectations, but I would say it definitely played a part.

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  1. I didn’t own Kung Fu, but was fortunate enough to play it a handful of times. My memory of the game is a bit foggy. I can picture an occasional set of stairs, but I don’t recall if you were allowed to go up and down this flight of stairs. And I’m also trying to recall if there were times when a group of ninja’s attacked you and were you allowed to ‘take out’ multiples at once.

  2. Incredible, that’s definitely what I was seeking for! This post just saved me alot of work

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