Dragon Warrior

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“Dragon Warrior is a classic…”
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One of the first true Japanese-style role-playing games, along with Final Fantasy, for the NES. Some people even prefer Dragon Warrior to Final Fantasy; personally, I definitely enjoy the game, but would cite it not having as much replay value. I love RPGs now, but Dragon Warrior is the first video game I remember trying as a kid and thinking it was slow, boring, and stupid. Ah, what a wonder it is to develop an attention span!

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  1. The link is broken. It’s “httphttp” instead of “http.” By the way, I love this site! It’s now a site that I check every day, eagerly anticipating the next review.

  2. Wow, that’s embarrassing — thanks for the heads-up (thanks more for the love and checkin’!), and the link is now fixed.

  3. I have to admit, if I play the first Dragon Warrior any more I nearly always play the Game Boy Color remake. It looks a bit better and plays a lot faster. I’m really glad later games took out the Door and Stairs commands- and I’m even happier they revamped the game for the US and fixed it so you didn’t have to pick what direction you wanted to talk in…

  4. I usually don’t leave multiple comments on my own posts, but I really do have to emphasize (as I did on my Twitter account on this very subject) the ridiculous Stairs command in the original NES game. Even as an inexperienced RPG non-fan, even as a boy who had not yet matured in his video gaming tastes (I talk like video games are wine), even way back then, I thought that made zero sense and was completely irrational. I will never understand why they intentionally programmed it that way.

  5. When I first played this game as a kid it was off my brother’s save file. he’d managed to get all the way to the end of the game, but for some reason he couldn’t create the bridge to get to the Dragonlord’s castle. We searched the world several times and couldn’t do it, despite KNOWING what to do. It was terribly vexing, and I think a glitch, since actually doing that was pretty easy.

    And, yeah, stupid doors. Stupid stairs.

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