NES Open Tournament Golf

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“Also, one truly amazing feature is the capacity to name a player’s 30 computer competitors. This may seem minor, but it truly enriched the experience to be able to name opponents after friends, relatives, comic-book heroes, video game characters, and other creative ideas. Imagine the humor and thrill of checking a leaderboard where the top three places are held by Moses, Sean Connery, and Spider-Man. Such was the potential that NES Golf offered.”
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I may never earn a million dollars in reality, but I sure won it on NES Open, then doubled it. I am not a fan of golf (I do not even consider a sport; and definitively, it is not one to begin with, it is a game), but I am a fan of this game. I am not sure why it works so well; maybe it is the highlight reels, the battery-save features, the aforementioned custom names (seriously, am I the only one who had so much fun with that and wished other games had it?), or the general overall high-quality development evidenced, but there was a period of my life where NES Open was my game and that feeling had yet to completely wear off.

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  1. Totally forgot about this game, but loved it. The thrill of an occasional hole-in-one, prize money…..Mario and Luigi….the game was a lot of fun

  2. Dude, Eric, Yes.

    I too doubled my million at least once and reset the whole thing at least once too.

    I borrowed this game from a friend and he moved before I could give it back. My dad and I played this one together a lot so it has double good memories for me.

    I too loved the name selecting feature and I used it constantly, changing and coming up with new lists with different themes.

    Just so you know that you are not alone at all in loving this game. It’s still the only golf video game I’ve ever enjoyed.

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