R.B.I. Baseball

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“Whereas other baseball titles for the NES focused on glitz, glamour, and gadgetry, RBI Baseball laid low on the pageantry and just made itself a fun little game.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.


… uh, sorry for that outburst.

Question for you gamers out there: Have you ever had a game that, for whatever reason, whether legitimate or whimsical, you played over and over and over, for  hours and hours and hours, until it “clicked” like Neo being able to see the Matrix code – until you knew all the angles, all the possibilities, could foresee every reaction from every action, intuitively predict A.I. behaviors, and essentially master, break, and alter the game to your liking?

For me, that game was R.B.I. Baseball.

I played it alone, I played it with friends and family, I played it until I could beat the computer in one inning with most combinations of teams about half the time. I have gotten a little rusty over time, but at my peak, this was the game that I knew inside and out, every detail, every possible line drive trajectory, every viable base-running decision, every bounce and curve and fielding detail and…

Why R.B.I. Baseball? I don’t know. But I have gotten more than my usual share of fun out of that game, and for whatever quirky sentimental and nostalgic reasons, it remains among my all-time favorites, flaws and all.

Here is a video I made a while back of winning 15-0 in the first inning:

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