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“… an intentionally misspelled quest of a California dude on his inner tube just tubin’ down the rivers of the world, tossing pop cans at enemies and items to beat levels and make it to the next waterway.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

Toobin’ is definitely a unique game. The protagonist literally spends the entire adventure on an inner tube, going with the flow of the various waterways, yet is expected to defeat animals, obstacles, and robots by throwing pop cans at them. It is quite a distinctive experience, and gets really trippy when you discover the warp zones that lead to rivers in the Arctic, in deep jungle environments, and even in the future. If you have never played this game, find a way to, because it is definitely an odd experience.

Oh, and I used to have the world record score on this game, as verified by Twin Galaxies. Now I sit at number two.

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