Dr. Mario

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Five Stars.

“Back then, the concept of tying colors so intently into puzzle play was an innovative concept.”
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In the interest of full disclosure, I must confess: I initially gave Dr. Mario five stars, then later, really considered changing it. Was this “simple” puzzle game truly worthy of a five-star rating? But I went with my gut, and the five-star designation remains. This is a colorful, innovative puzzle game, with an extraordinarily catchy soundtrack, challenging one-player mode, and competitive multi-player mode as well.

Second Opinion: Our first-ever Second Opinion feature comes from Tony Chatfield, a fellow freelance writer and retro gamer When he is not posting cutting-edge information on social media leverage and freelancing leads, he has this to say about Dr. Mario:

The other day I started humming a little ditty that had been stuck in my head for days. I couldn’t place it but soon enough someone at a desk near mine was humming away himself. He nodded his head and reminded me, “Dr. Mario’s in the house!”

Years since I first laid my hands on this sublime puzzler, its tri-colored pills and catchy soundtrack pop into my head regularly, reminding me just how many hours I poured into this game on my NES. While a lot of gamers were drooling over Tetris in its heyday, I was a dedicated Dr. Mario groupie and remain so to this day (thank you Wii Ware).

It doesn’t get any simpler than Dr. Mario, but the sheer volume of combinations, chess-like planning when you have no choice but to drop a pill in the wrong spot, and the angry yelling that almost always ensues during marathon two player sessions have made Dr. Mario by far my favourite NES puzzle game. Over the years, the lab-coated plumber has found his way to the Gameboy, SNES, and Wii. If you haven’t given it a shot yet, do so now. But, be warned – time will disappear as you lose yourself to the catchy beats and endless virus killing madness.

Thank you, Tony, for offering your insight into a true classic.

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