Deja Vu

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“Although it lacks the fast-moving, sprite-based animations of most other NES titles, Deja Vu still holds its own…”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

Some people like point-and-click adventures, some do not. Some have affectionate recollections for their first play through Myst, some do not. Some like vanilla, some do not. Just as sports simulations/JRPGs/fighting games/etc. all have their respective fan bases and bases of non-fans, so too does it apply for point-and-clickers. I enjoy them, but I cannot pretend that Deja Vu is as good of a game for NES than the true classics. Above-average, sure; provides rewarding enjoyment, yes; would I defend this game against its detractors, absolutely; but, in the video game pantheon, the ceiling for static-image, problem-solving jaunts is only so high. All that being said, I like Deja Vu. Good times.

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