Bubble Bobble

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“With its eternal background music now immortalized in classic remixes and its main character remaining subconsciously recognizable, Bubble Bobble has somehow emerged as one of the classic games of the 8-bit generation. But does it deserve this hallowed attention?”
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Love it or hate it, Bubble Bobble is something of a classic for the NES. Personally, I can only give it a shrug and not find it worth too much replay, but I do rather like this humorous remix from its soundtrack. Kudos to creative minds everywhere who give old concepts a new life.

On principle, though: I am 100% against the idea that a game that is only good in multi-player mode can be a great game. This is a defense I often hear for Bubble Bobble, that it is “so much better!” as a two-player game. It is absurd, to me, that a game have its legacy rest so strongly on its two-player aspect, as good as it may be. Furthermore, especially in Bubble Bobble’s case, wherein the “bad ending” is given in one-player mode, and you actually need a second player to unlock the “good ending,” this seems especially and blatantly egregious to my eyes.

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  1. I find it very strange that you make no mention of the two-player co-op mode or the scoring mechanics (i.e. bubbling many enemies at once and spawning the EXTEND bubbles) and go on to question why the game is considered a classic nowadays.

    They’re fairly important elements of the game (especially co-op mode, the thing that gives Bubble Bobble its reputation as it encourages both co-operation and competition) that this review neglects.

  2. A valid critique, Ant — for better or for worse, I (in my opinion?) have become a much better reviewer, as I have gained a much broader contextual perspective, and it unfortunately shows in some of my older reviews (Batman and Adventure Island are two others I may actually write a whole new rating/review for).

    I am, by and large, a solo gamer. That being said, it certainly is remiss of me to not go over the two-player gameplay at all (much less the scoring mechanics!), even if I sometimes go back-and-forth in my questioning of how much to cover the multi-player aspect of NES games. I still think Bubble Bobble is overrated, but it would be unfair of me to say that without mentioning the very aspects to make it most beloved.

    In short: Yeah, you got me. This is one of my early reviews that I now cringe at and may see reworked someday. We’ll see.

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