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“It is now a quasi-classic, but has serious flaws to inhibit any real fondness.”
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Anyone remember Excitebike 64? But seriously, Excitebike is a funny little launch game. I still distinctly remember my frustration at not being able to save my custom tracks and not understanding why until browsing Wikipedia over a decade later. Nonetheless, some memories will stick around for decades to come: That obvious buzzing engine sound when you were about to overheat, the frantic button-mashing to get your guy back on the bike, and my continued pondering of why people have not given this game more crap for such an awkward, just-plain-weird name.

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  1. To be honest, I rather enjoy a good round of of Excitebike now and then. The inherent flaws such as the weak sound design and save system (or lack thereof) are irrefutable, but I find landing the bikes to be rewarding and fun. For a launch title, it’s a nice game. Even so, good review; I enjoyed it!

    And as for the name? Well… it’s better than Excite Truck, right?

  2. @Stephen: Ha! Alright, I guess that latter point is true, even if not the greatest way to form an argument — there are probably thousands of titles that would have been worse. 😉 But I do find ExciteTruck to be a funny idea… hm…

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