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“Once upon a time, an arcade-style Japanese import hit American soil as a video game on the Nintendo Entertainment System that starred a Godzilla-like lizard monster and a King Kong-like gorilla monster who tore cities apart and wreaked worldwide mayhem. That game was Rampage…”
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I always thought of Rampage as one of the simplest NES games — and I mean that in the most positive way possible. Maybe it was not even as simple as some others, but for whatever reason, it always stuck out that way in my mind. The controls are easy, the goal is obvious, and the destruction is almost instinctual. Who doesn’t love destroying entire cities, or playing as a monster so large that it eats puny humans as snacks? A part of most people will likely love Rampage.

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  1. I enjoy Rampage, but I think I only had the endurance to get all the way through it once or twice. It was definitely more of a pick-up game than one you’d play to the end in our household- and I have to admit that I think the newer installments did a fine job of expanding on the original ideas. I think these days we’d be more likely to pop in one of those and start playing than we would the NES version.

  2. I did enjoy the version on Nintendo 64, especially when you unlocked the weird alien characters to play with. But nothing beats those quirky bizarre little moments in the original; like, when you break a wall, to find some shocked guy on the toilet — and eat him. Then eat the toilet. And spit the water out.

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