Adventure Island

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“Following the exploits of our intrepid explorer Harry, Adventure Island is a fast-paced scrolling platformer in a jungle-type setting with both the appropriate elements (snake and bird enemies) and the eyebrow-raising unexpected features (power-ups like the skateboard or helpful fairy). Does it belong in the famed halls of NES lore?”
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Yes folks, this is another game that I differ from the opinion of many (see: Bubble Bobble). There are people who absolutely love this game. I have seen bloggers put it on their top ten NES games lists, thoroughly recommend it, and expound upon its virtues. I certainly do not believe it is a bad game, and I would not begrudge anyone if they believed I was being a tad harsh, but this is a fast-paced platformer with an island theme. It is not terrible, not a one-star game, but what is it exactly then? Nice, enjoyable, but not overwhelmingly spectacular in its presentation, not too deep (perhaps I value this vague “depth” item too much, you may say), and just not my “thing,” so to speak. Every gamer has their own particular tastes, and Adventure Island is not my cup of tea, or even my cup of coffee. Feel free to bring on the flames, or dare to be courageous with me and agree that there are many NES titles that offer a richer gameplay experience and more replay value. Keep in mind though, I do have two sequels to review in the future. Rant over.

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  1. More or less agreed, though I think I like them even a bit less than you. I could never get into these games. A bit boring with all the repetition, and way too irksome since you had to speed through.

  2. This is one of those games that I love, but hate at the same time. I want to get better at it and I want to beat it, but no matter what I do, I just can’t beat it. I still play it though!

  3. Adventure Island def deserves at least 3 stars. I’m a big fan of the Adventure Island series. Sure maybe it’s no mario, but it’s still awesome in my book. The first Adventure Island game is a little bit of a bore time to time but 2 and 3 are awesome. Being able to collect dinosaurs and different weapons in 2 and 3 make it a lot more fun. It’s a bit of a challenge to beat the games too. I enjoy them very much! But yes everyone has their own opinion.

  4. Great review! I’m a big Adventure Island fan myself, but I agree with this review. This game is really frustrating, but I love it. I used the hudson bee to be able to use continues, so I could beat it. I didn’t know about that when I was a kid (since there was no internet haha), so I wasn’t able to beat it until recently. I will probably never be able to beat the game without continues. Even with continues, this game is tough! I agree that a password system would have been VERY useful. I left my NES on for over 24 hours one time, because I was near the end of the game, and I just couldn’t stay up any longer (I also had work the next morning haha). When I finally came back to it, and unpaused the game, I was able to beat it. I was so happy. I like to pick up and play this game every once in a while, but I definitely enjoy 2 and 3 a lot more.

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