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“A pure beat-em-‘up leveler for one or two players, Battletoads is now one of the all-time iconic classics that ever released for the NES. This just leaves one question: Why?”
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Wow, what a solid game. Battletoads on the NES is loads of fun, looks fantastic, sounds great, is very challenging, good for multiple sessions, and hits a higher level if you could bring a second person into the mix with you. I feel like a load could be said about this particular video game, but I somehow also feel that I do not need to say much, as so many already have such a strong following to Battletoads.

Second Opinion: Our second Second Opinion feature comes from Matt Bird, a fellow retro gamer and freelance writer (check out his remarkable portfolio of 4,000+ pieces, including over 3,000 gaming-related articles, these numbers are not exaggerations!) who has a love/hate relationship with Battletoads, as explained in his distinctively charming way here:

Battletoads is a game that, while I was growing up, steadily grew in infamy. I didn’t know a single person who failed to enjoy it; at the same time, though, I didn’t know anybody who could get very far in the game, let alone beat it. You played Battletoads to get creamed.

But that was years ago. Surely as a veteran game I could finally get past that stupid Turbo Tunnel stage. I could write this second opinion, not as the humbled, but the victor. I was just a kid back then – the tunnel, and everything beyond, wasn’t THAT bad.

Wrong. Battletoads is just as difficult today. Fighting it out with pigs and rats using simple punches and kicks (oversized though they may be) is pretty easy, but that stupid tunnel? With its pink walls and crazy leaping on that rocket sled thing? Gah! I played it for an hour straight before giving up, cursing every employee at Rare who’d sired such a fiendish child.

Battletoads is a great game. The graphics are awesome, the game play is surprisingly deep and the whole package has personality. I could see Battletoads as a cartoon series. But this is not a game you beat. This is a game you enjoy for a while, until the veins in your forehead start to stick out, then turn off. Any more will drive the average man nutty.

Very well-said, and an excellent synopsis of, I am sure, how many gamers feel about this legendary cartridge. In fact, if you want, you can actually read Matt’s own review of Battletoads.

Thank you, Matt, for your input on a great NES beat-’em-up.

Speaking of input on Battletoads, have you seen OmegaDef’s take on it? Ever wondered about the origin of the Battletoads? Deep mysteries, dark secrets, distinctive insights, all uncovered and more, check it out:

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