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“The big, primary, gorilla-in-the-room flaw with Videomation is that the images created are useless and temporary. They cannot be printed, transferred to a computer, used in any other game, and Videomation does not even offer a save function.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

Videomation is inarguably unique yet definitely not very fun and certainly none too useful. Put a basic piece of graphic design software onto a cartridge for NES, add some animated sprites with definable paths, limit the color choices, and voila! Videomation. Perhaps in today’s emulator-enabled, quirky-hobby, YouTube-sharing age, Videomation could receive some sort of weird small-scale resurgence, but other than that out-of-the-park possibility, it stands as just an odd example of a genre-busting idea that does not quite work for a home console.

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