Where’s Waldo?

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“This game looks atrocious.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

I loved the Where’s Waldo? books. Absolutely loved them. I had several, and even if I knew where Waldo was on every page, I found endless fascination in studying the nuances of the details in every richly rendered scene, where entire separate storylines played out in my mind.

Then comes the video game, which looks like a Waldo book took a crap in your NES.

The Where’s Waldo? NES video game should have been used by literacy advocates as a prime example of where a book format truly does a vastly better job than the video game version of an idea. Where’s Waldo?, in this case, simply does not work as a cartridge. This game is uglier than a hippo’s butt and twice as difficult to enjoy. For any fan of the Waldo books that tried playing the NES version, I believe a piece of their childhood was ruined.

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  1. I concur. Wholeheartedly. Where’s Waldo? is one of the worst games I’ve ever played, up there with ET for Atari. It took maybe ten minutes to beat, and the success only created a feeling of ‘Man, I just wasted ten minutes of my existence.’

  2. You actually beat it? Nice — maybe if I had known it was that short I would have tried harder, but I feel like my entire experience of ET for Atari was like this: “Ah crap I fell into another freakin’ hole; screw this, I quit!”

  3. @nintendolegend
    By the way, did you ever watch the cartoon show?

  4. @Bahamut — Haha, no, can’t say I have, though I had several of the books… and maybe a vague memory of seeing the intro to the cartoon and deciding “Nope!”

  5. […] as for the video game, it is certainly better than the original mess, but still not great. THQ just seems to have a knack for creating 8-bit titles that seem a little […]

  6. […] One last thought: Yes, the same Bethesda behind Skyrim was responsible for this game, and for Where’s Waldo? […]

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