Super Pitfall

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“In short: It sucks.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

Super Pitfall is one of those NES games that makes me wonder: What were they thinking? And I do not even mean that in an exasperated, surrendering, throw-my-hands up sort of way, I genuinely mean that this video game makes me wonder what the developers were thinking. What were they thinking when they decided that items necessary for advancement would be hidden without clues in invisible locations that requires blind jumps of faith to find? Why exactly did they believe it was a great idea to have the first ladder in the game lead to your death? Where was their persuasive reasoning when they decided to require the player to travel all the way back to a random spot on the first level after rescuing the girl as a final act but without any in-game explanation? What exchanges did they have in the meeting when they decided to craft Pitfall Harry, beloved hero from the Atari game, as an overweight guy in a light-blue outfit who is blatantly borrowing Mario’s mustache? What were they thinking?!

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  1. Oh, and another thing: This game sucks.

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