Tagin’ Dragon

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“Dear reader: Brace yourself for this experience, because Tagin’ Dragon is a nightmare.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

No, that is not a typographical error: This NES game truly does try to say that it is “Tagin’ Dragon” with just the one “g” and everything. That, already, is a bad sign.

This is a truly weird, obscure little NES item. As I mention in the full review (which you really should read before you read this little commentary), the only reason this game gets a one-star review is that it is playable. You really can sit down, turn it on, play it, and maybe even enjoy it. It is a game. There is a progression involved.

But, boy, other than that, this feels like a freshman effort in some kid’s basement, or the depressing result of a shared idea made into reality with unskilled hands.

Never before have I believed that the title screen says so much about a game. You simply have to see it to believe it. This is a travesty; really, you have to see it for yourself, just look at it, listen to it, and cringe in abject horror:

I normally refrain from blatant self-promotion, but I dare you to share this video.

3 Responses to “ Tagin’ Dragon ”

  1. Holy cow, I can’t stop watching that title screen. It’s repulsively hypnotic.

    Good review; thank you for warning me against this game… not that I would ever randomly find and play an NES game called Tagin’ Dragon. :p

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  3. […] Brought to you by the same folks that brought you Tagin’ Dragon! […]

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