Elevator Action

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“The home console video game was actually a port from a popular arcade game; though it lost some of the bright-and-shiny looks of the arcade unit, the NES version of Elevator Action still played very similarly.”
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Even with undeniable classics like Donkey Kong, I could never truly get into the arcade ports for the NES. I suppose part of it may be a generational thing, since I did not grow up in the arcades, but I genuinely do not see the replay value in merely repeating gameplay to achieve a high score. I would much rather pursue a storyline, advance several levels, find a final ending, etc.

Thus, when it comes to titles like Elevator Action, some people actually really like the game, but I do not. I have nothing against high-score gamers; in fact, I have a huge respect for them. But it is tough to define and determine what makes our tastes in gaming so different. I think there is a lot more that could be said about this, yet it is probably best for that discussion to arise organically.

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  1. I don’t know that I’m a high-score gamer, but as someone who started playing games very, very young with Ms. Pac-Man, I can say that when I get a game that’s good enough the gameplay itself is the reward, and I don’t mind too much if there’s no ending – or it’s an ending I never work my way to. (That probably has a lot to do with why my brother and I are willing to play through games when we don’t know what’s actually going on…)

  2. I feel like what you just said (“the gameplay itself is the reward”) opens an enormous can of worms as regard game theory and video game philosophy. After all, what is gameplay? And, perhaps more provocative: What makes gameplay rewarding? Your little comment there has already led me to realize I need to do some further thinking on the topic!

  3. Very interesting post and I have to say I am not and have never been into the arcade gameplay myself. I think for those that are truly competitive and are always looking to out do themselves and others arcade/high score gameplay is what they will probably enjoy. For those of us that enjoy the solitary gameplay with a story or atleast some chance of closure..the gameplay becomes the action, the details and the emotions that the game can bring rather than just achiving a higher score.

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