Sky Shark

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“Sky Shark is a tough game.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.



That quote says it all for me. Within the shoot-’em-up genre, Sky Shark is a provocative pick: Very challenging, very straightforward, very presentation-heavy, very no-frills. This is not a science-fiction shooter with gobs of power-ups, otherworldly environments, and crazy enemy designs.

Perhaps its World War II setting, then, is appropriate of its gritty, balls-to-the-wall nature. In my opinion, this is a spiritual predecessor to the “bullet hell” games.

And if you are looking here for gameplay tips, I laugh at you, and wish you luck, for what that is worth. Which, especially in the realm of Sky Shark, is very little, if you were wondering.


Doomed, I assure you.

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  1. […] the realm of military-themed vertically scrolling shooters, try Twin Cobra (a sequel in spirit), Sky Shark (just a more tightly developed game in general), or 1943 (the standout effort by Capcom).” […]

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