The Adventures of Bayou Billy

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“Hyped as a beat-’em-up that also featured driving and shooting segments, it was thick in Louisiana flavor and unrelenting in its action, even receiving some exposure on the promotional cartoon series Captain N: The Game Master.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

Now this is an interesting game. Heavily promoted, highly ambitious, and even somewhat original (with the exception of ripping off Crocodile Dundee), Bayou Billy would seem to have a lot going for it. But there is a problem that soon becomes obvious when playing, and that problem is a classic case of all glamour and no grit, all packaging and no content, all air and no weight. In other words, it may have had nice graphics and sound, it may have been an attempt at a new flagship franchise, but it was not fun. Many would cite it as overly challenging, and I would agree, but even just on a basic level, it is not enjoyable. The fighting is all wrong, it tries to do too many things (as cool as three different play modes sounds, the developers perhaps should have spent more time fine-tuning the separate elements) in one game, and Billy has minimal charisma with which to win our hearts. Read the full review and tell me what you think. Unlike a choice handful of two-star reviews I have done, this is one where I expect the majority to agree with me, as I have heard a lot of Bayou Billy hatred over the years from retro gamers.

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