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“The video game Anticipation was perhaps a noble effort, but lauding it as a pioneer for video board games may be a misguided, dubious distinction.”
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Music videos perhaps represent a great blend of both music and video, able to present the hit song intact (or even potentially enhanced) for listener enjoyment, accompanied by visuals that may tell a story, excite the viewer, or add depth to the lyrical content. Musicals (as in, the movie genre), on the other hand, seem to dilute both the cinematic experience and the pure musical impact and end up as a watered-down movie with hit-or-miss music (yes, musicals can produce classic tracks, but how often is every song number a fantastic one?). There are many other examples of two mediums being tried as a hybrid with mixed results, and Anticipation is the expression of one of those ideas: A board game video game. Does it success? In one way, yes; it does portray a board game, but within the experience of a video game. Does this make Anticipation a high-quality video game? Nah. It would need other provocative elements, too, but does not seem to deliver.

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