Super Sprint

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“It was certainly not an original idea, but Tengen honed it to a level that could definitely be enjoyed by a couple players for a while.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

My favorite Super Sprint memory: Playing with another player to see if we could make the score roll over; that is, make it run out of digits and see if it either got stuck at all nines or started over. A while later, one of us achieved what we thought was the goal (999,999) — only to discover an additional “1” pop onto the screen (1,000,000 points). To make the score “roll over” or get stuck on nines would have taken days of straight gameplay, it felt like. I think, after that experience, I was always a bit soured toward Super Sprint; especially when I, imagine my horror, discovered that the 1-player high score actually, apparently maxes out at 1,276,900.

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