Caveman Games

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“Then came Caveman Games, a title that never took itself too seriously and aimed not to dethrone Track & Field, but offer its own quirky, unique brand of anachronistic medal-earning sports.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

1. I wonder if the people who believe this game is too difficult thought Track & Field was too difficult. Here is a tip for you: Try hitting the A button faster. I have heard complaints specifically against Dino Vault, the solution being a simple matter of timing that makes me wonder if those players ever tried the event more than once.

2. This would definitely make my underrated/underappreciated list. Consider: Unique “feel” that includes settings, graphics, and humor; a multi-event game with character selection with the characters actually having different event strengths; practice any event, participate in the tournament of all events, or play two-player; fun music. These are solid game ingredients.

3. I fully admit, though, that this is a sentimental favorite for me, and one of the earliest NES memories I have was playing lots of Caveman Games. I was the master of the Intimidation Phase for the Clubbing event, eventually mastered Dino Vault, was the most elusive ducker yet successful hitter in Fire Start, and could throw a mate pretty far, but it was that darn Saber Race that got me. Against the computer, you can always toss their guy when you are just behind them, and you actually receive a minor speed boost for overcoming the last hop off a jumped-on cactus (so hitting the tip seems to actually be more worthwhile than clearing it completely), but against a human opponent it comes down to button-mashing and I, though competent, was never the fast button-tapper on the planet. The ratio I have of fondness to play time concerning this title makes me wonder what other games I might perhaps like more if I had poured more hours into them, and overcome initial trepidations concerning them (I’m looking at you, Adventure Island series). Oh well.

Hey, I made a Let’s Play video for this one:


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