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“Often considered the most violent and graphic title-to-date for its time, Chiller remains a controversial cartridge, and is even banned in the United Kingdom.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

A truly unique game, and an odd one to review. After all, do you penalize or reward a video game for being such a stalwartly violent, graphic experience? Does gore enhance or detract from gameplay? Ultimately, the bloody torture aspect of this cartridge does not significantly factor into the review, as the rest of the game can adequately be evaluated on its own inherent merits. But, that being said, this is definitely an 8-bit title worthy of further discussion.

Hour-later update: Due to demand, and due to the fact that this game, even more than most, rather heavy-handedly and unequivocally relies on its visuals for its experience, here are some screenshots from Chiller! Each represents a level from the game, and provides a sample of gameplay from the four stages. Enjoy.

Chiller Level 1

Chiller Level 2

Chiller Level 3

Chiller Level 4

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  1. That really is startlingly graphic for an NES game! I never messed with this one when I was a kid- I don’t recall whether it was a conscious decision or not but all of our NES games are licensed. Also my parents were fairly strict about violent games, a policy that happily loosened up about the time Mortal Kombat II hit the SNES.

  2. Huh. I’ve never even heard of that one before. Weird – and yes, surprisingly graphic for an NES title… kinda wanna… play it now, despite the poor review. Shock value actually DOES work, I guess.

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