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“The gameplay, it must be noted, is notoriously repetitive and boring. It is playable, but the bland looks coupled with uninventive missions (put it this way: you rescue a lot of hostages) does not help to enhance any sort of appeal or replay value.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

I feel like I am beating a dead horse with a broken record when I give a license game a low review, but it is inevitable, as there as just so many of these games on the NES! I feel like I realized that before, sure, but when you actually sit down and look at the list, or review your collection of games, or start playing trhough some at-random titles, you really do get a sense that dozens of 8-bit titles were nothing but shoddy attempts at taking advantage of a license. I might just have to have a License Games Week to get a chunk of them out of the way at once.

Airwolf was one of those games you would pop into your NES when you were incredibly bored and just arbitrarily pulling cartridges off the shelf, fire it up, play for a few minutes, remember how dull and not-fun it was, yank it out and put in one of your old favorites instead.

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