Color A Dinosaur

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“At best, it can be considered a touchstone conversation-starter concerning video game target audiences, using electronic gaming for educational and parenting purposes, and the intersection between entertainment and self-growth. At worst, Color A Dinosaur is a misguided, ill-advised, naive, shallow, not-fun video non-game with no replay value whatsoever.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

Do you ever have an idea that sounds potentially viable and interesting, but then after you really think about it, the concept turns out to be woefully ignorant, hopelessly terrible, and a waste of time? The developers of Color A Dinosaur had an idea but forgot the “think about it” part. What a turd of a cartridge.

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  1. So one of the co-creators of Video Games Live and composer for the Advent Rising soundtrack did the music for Color A Dinosaur? You’ve gotta start somewhere, I suppose!

    Similar fun fact: Jeremy Soule (composer for series such as The Elder Scrolls and Guild Wars) created the soundtracks for the Putt-Putt adventure games. Multi-talented, that guy.

    Entertaining review. Far, far more entertaining than the actual game, I would guess. =D

  2. Yep, that same Tommy Tallarico — the Wikipedia page for Color A Dinosaur (yes, Color A Dinosaur has its own Wikipedia page, of course) offers this humorous quote from Tallarico:

    “The sound driver for the NES was horrid!! Before the G.E.M.S. tool for the Sega Genesis you pretty much had to be a computer programmer in order to do sound for video games, especially the NES.!!””

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