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“The gameplay seems as though the developers intentionally tried to make this a pain to play, rather than a joy, as if they thought, “How can we take a promising concept and make it laughably bad?”.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

This is a tough one for me, because I love Ghostbusters. Between the films and The Real Ghostbusters cartoon, this has been one of my favorite franchises throughout my lifetime. To see it had been made into such an awful NES game makes me sad. Genuinely, regrettably, deeply, painfully sad. Sad enough that I wrote a longer retrospective about it.

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  1. The real sin of this game is that it’s done better on basically every other system it appeared on. There are versions for the Sega Master System, PC, Commodore 64 and several others, and all of those that I’ve tried had some advantage over the NES version. I’d even take the Atari 2600 version over this, honestly.

    On the other hand, speaking as a person who really likes Engrish, the ending screen- provided you can get to it, is great. Conglaturation!

  2. […] 2. The ghost-busting mechanic is, sadly, perhaps better here than in the actual Ghostbusters game. […]

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