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“The lack of a simple visible-weapon attack, the incredible difficulty of merely surviving long-term, and the utter lack of any beginning tips toward a purpose are three significant flaws, and all of which are immediately evident on the very first screen of the game. This is not a good sign, folks. In fact, if your game, which you intend to be a lengthy adventure with an emphasis on exploration and item-gathering, has three severe faults on the initial gameplay screen, that usually means your game is a failure. A deformed, tragic, hauntingly ignorant failure. It should serve as an alarming fact that to properly detail how bad this “video game” is would require thousands upon thousands more words, in order to reveal the crippling problems found in later portions, and all throughout, but again, just on the first screen we have seen enough evidence to deem this a remarkably poor game.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

That excerpt does an excellent job of summarizing the only rational opinion one can form when playing Hydlide. I feel the need to emphasize this:

Every conclusion reached concerning the awfulness of Hydlide can be found

without leaving the first screen of gameplay.

Consider that statement for a few moments. Really let it sink in. I spend over 1,400 words in the review trying to explain how bad this game is, and nearly every point I make can be found within the confines of the game’s very first screen of play.

This is a historically bad game.

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  1. Well, I feel better about asking you to play Solomon’s Key, because at least I didn’t ask you to play this. 😛

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