Monster Party

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“For a two-dimensional platformer that could have easily been seen as underdeveloped, Monster Party manages to attain some charm through its distinctive brand of bizarre environments.”
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Monster Party is one of those video games that almost perfectly exemplifies why I love the Nintendo Entertainment System: The developers of this title clearly had limits, both in their production time and the system’s technical capacity, yet used the resources they had to spin a truly unique game with a distinctive experience. Is it an awesome, all-time great game? No. But is it a charming little reminder of the gems the NES has, why an otherwise average game was always worth a play-through, and an example of the types of lengths developers went to on the 8-bit NES to provide gamers with an interesting experience? Yes, yes it is.

I never even really liked Monster Party to a great extent, but I will defend it, and I can acknowledge just how weird it is and how that alone almost makes it worthwhile.

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  1. My brother loved this game as a kid. It really is just about the weirdest looking game ever put on the NES. I remember thinking at the time how funny it was that the monster that Mark turns into has a name as mundane as “Bert.”

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