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“The storyline follows the titular hero Nightshade, a gumshoe go-getter straight from pulp noir who dons a fedora and trenchcoat to get the job done.”
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There exists a rumor that the developers behind writing the code for Nightshade intended to include a password or save feature all along, but Ultra was too cheap to allow it. Had there been a password or save feature, this may have been a slightly better game, enough to produce the intended sequel. Had the sequel been a longer, more polished, more fully fleshed-out game, this could have truly been a remarkable series, and we may even still be seeing the Nightshade franchise in gaming today.

But we don’t, because the developers’ hearts were broken when this game never became popular enough to warrant a Part Two. 😀

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  1. Perhaps someone could make a fan-made sequel to the series and breath life back into the game?

  2. Yeah, I would support the idea. The homebrew scene is fantastic, but can only move so quickly. Then again, with this one, you might be able to get away with a hack of the original. Hm.

  3. Quality video game reviews come with a price, nice to see people still provide them to us.

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