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“This is a sickeningly awful video “game” that is of audaciously low quality. It is not fun, it is not good, there is nothing about it that can be favorably compared to even an average NES cartridge, and it offers no noteworthy gaming features. Could a great X-Men game have been created for the Nintendo Entertainment System? Yes, but fans of both Marvel and Nintendo were betrayed with this abomination. If this video game were a squirrel, it should be tied to a tree and beaten to death.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

Oh, this is one you will want to read the full review for, as it may be my longest review yet, and goes into great detail as to why this is a sincerely very bad game.

I am a geek. Among my geekly pursuits, I enjoy comic books. I enjoy the X-Men. I would have absolutely adored a quality X-Men title on the NES.

This is not a quality X-Men title.

The Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men video game made by LJN sucked like very few other 8-bit games managed to suck, yet I want it to be good, if that makes any wretched sense. The capacity to select from multiple characters, each having their own stats? A level selection available from the very beginning of the game, like a Mega Man cartridge? A license, in this case X-Men, absolutely bursting with potential awesomeness? It all adds up to a hugely promising concept, yet is executed extraordinarily poorly.

If it has not been made clear, if you do not understand, if you can only take one conclusion away from this post, hear this: The X-Men video game for NES is a really bad game. Period. End of story. Words can only do so much to describe it, but avoid playing it at all costs, or risk immediate understanding of how gut-wrenchingly, head-achingly, despairingly, depressingly, despondently, unalterably, indefensibly, unconscionably, horrifyingly Hell-awful this stupid undeveloped piece of rotten steaming liquid dog crap is. I hate it because it should have been good. If I think about it too much, I could actually cry.

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