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“Although the Tetris video game was developed by a brilliant Russian before being released as a home console version for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo itself showed that it could provide innovations in the puzzle-game genre with the advent of Dr. Mario, a touchstone point for puzzlers; and, later, to an admittedly lesser extent, the plate-twirling stack ‘em challenge known as Yoshi in 1992.”
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Yoshi is an interesting one. This is a playable puzzler that presents a competitive two-player mode and moderately deep challenges for one player. Yet, to me, it always felt unfinished or underdeveloped somehow. Like, they had the column-rotating concept going, then they came up with the lightbulb idea for the egg sandwiches to form bonus Yoshis, then… shipped the game. So, it’s okay, but not spectacular. It’s a little innovative, but not as groundbreaking as Tetris or Dr. Mario. It is a solid puzzle title.

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