Pac Mania

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“The two most prominent features of Pac Mania are that the playing field is now rendered in an isometric, pseudo-3d point of view, and the fact that Pac Man can now jump. This fundamentally changes the gameplay experience, changing this from the typical, analytical challenge of remaining a step ahead of the ghosts, predicting their moves based on behaviors, and using every advantage possible to avoid and eat them. Now the fun is a bit more action-oriented, since Pac Man can jump over the ghosts and get out of a jam this way.”
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Like Tetris 2, Pac Mania is an arguably misguided of an original classic, a sequel that seems to kick the canon to the curb in favor of an audacious new vision. Pac Mania, though, is probably easier to like, as its added features feel more like enhancements than a watering down like Tetris 2; despite its forward progress, however, like Tetris 2 it loses the charming, distinctive feel of the experience of the original, in this case the legendary Pac Man game. Whatever way you want to look at it, I would defend Pac Mania as a decent game, but one that does not have the stone-cold brute-simple efficient gameplay model of the original.

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