Star Wars

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“This provides this NES game with a provocative learning curve and difficulty level: Although often regarded as a difficult game, the actual moment-by-moment play is very enjoyable and well-controlled, and the player is given a massive ten continues with three lives each.”
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Feel free to file this game under the category of “Contentious NES Titles On Which Gamers Seem Split In Their Opinion.” Many find the Star Wars game annoying; for Luke’s propensity for dying hundreds of times, for the oddity of having free roaming in a game that seems to desperately need direction, and the apparent emphasis on precision jumping in some areas. Yet others love it for its pitch-perfect controls, faithfulness to the source material, and expansive ambition.

My opinion, possibly disappointingly, is somewhere in the moderate middle; but, I have to admit, I lean toward the opinion of this being an excellent game rather than terrible. Keep this in mind when forming an opinion: When a tough game only gives you a single life and pushes terrible controls into an overly difficult environment, it definitely sucks. When a game, like Star Wars, puts you into a tight spot but gives you 30 lives and excellent controls… it shows that the developers knew that this game would be difficult. They want you to invest in this title. And no, we shouldn’t always bow to the vision/intentions of developers, as they can be misguided, but I better stop ranting now before this delves too deep into video game theory. Perhaps another day.

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  1. I never did finish this one- the asteroid field in particular was a real bother. But I hadn’t thought about the fact that it was the first game I ever played to have a completion percentage until you brought it up! Another thing I like about it: it’s one of the few Star Wars games where a lightsaber is about as damaging as it actually should be, scoring one-hit kills on almost everything.

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