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“For a license game, Cliffhanger is half-decent and actually manages to be playable. In a broader view, though…”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

When I was in the process of posting this review, I happened to notice that Wolverine was the most recent NES game review update that I [also] rated one and a half stars. I found this to be very appropriate: Both Wolverine and Cliffhanger are two-dimensional action platform titles featuring a supposedly brawny male protagonist based on a popular license, both feature an emphasis on precision-jumping sections that complement both punches and kicks at pattern-based enemies amidst back-and-forth exploring environments, both are better than many of the truly horrific garbage titles of the NES even among licensed games, but both also fail to meet their potential due to puzzling design choices.

Now, of course, that may be rather easy of me to say, since I had no part in writing the code or have any game-development experience whatsoever; but, as a critic, my task is not to sympathize or seek to empathetically understand what a challenge it was to try and create a high-quality game with these engines and how easily it was to crash under the pressure. My charge is to issue a review and explain it for the benefit and possible enjoyment of those who read, and there it is. Another sad story of an 8-bit NES game that could have been pretty good but ended up in mediocrity.

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