Cowboy Kid

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“Stabbing repeatedly will be a constant theme throughout Cowboy Kid, as soon-to-be Sheriff Sam (he becomes Sheriff at the end of the opening level) will end up viciously stabbing hundreds of people to death before his duties are over.”
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I actually probably like this game a little more than the full review would seem to indicate. I appreciate Cowboy Kid’s unique hybrid-genre attempt, quirky Western theme, and subtle hilarity throughout. I just wish Romstar could have made fighting a little more than just flailing around hoping you hit the bad guys. The only conclusion as to why the fight mechanics are so simplistic is either the coders were on a strict deadline and budget and had to cut corners so they just wrote the simplest hit-detection protocol they could, or that they were simply not capable of envisioning and incorporating a better system. Either scenario paints the picture pretty clearly as to why nobody says Romstar was their favorite NES developer, yet their games were not terrible. Cowboy Kid is worth a shot, even a playthrough or two, but not worth the grander accolades.

Oh, and I forgot to mention in the full review (yet I squeezed in the drunk Mexicans, go figure), but not having a password or save feature hurts this game slightly, but at least it does have one continue per level.

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  1. Cowboy Kid is so unique and fun. There’s literally nothing like it on the NES. I first got to play it 3 months ago at my friends house. It’s like a comedy western version of the Legend of Zelda.

    There are a bunch of hilarious little additions that you get to experience throughout the levels. The western dialog is amusing and keeps everything interesting. It’s probably the funniest game I’ve ever played on the original NES.

    It’s supposed to be really rare and sought after though. So most people will probably never be able to experience this hidden gem.

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