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“… arguably, without Pac-Man, there would have been no Super Mario…”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

No introduction needed. To those arcade faithfuls, to the Twin Galaxies crowd (and I love you guys, don’t get me wrong), to everyone who thinks the rating is low, please go ahead and read the full review. I hold this title in the high esteem I believe it deserves, but (and please don’t crucify me) if you look at four-star (or better) NES games, and put them head to head with the NES port of Pac-Man… most players would rather play Battletoads. Many would say that Contra is a superior game. It takes a much more conniving, winding argument to try and posit the superiority of Pac-Man over its next-gen rivals. Is it still a timeless classic? Yes. But, from an objective reviewer’s viewpoint, from the standpoint of the NES pantheon without any other historical context, on the simple “desert island” scenario basis, this is not a five-star 8-bit cartridge.

Then again, perhaps I am being paranoid about the possible reaction from this review and should either just not worry about others’ opinions — or concede that even hardcore fans would agree that the NES port is not the truest Pac-Man representation. Meh.

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