Blaster Master

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“Blaster Master blasts four stars out of five for being something beyond the typical common NES fare, allowing players to control a tank that could jump, fleshing out the open-exploration genre, and a quirky storyline that, at its heart, was just about a boy and his frog.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

I find it amusing how many people cite Blaster Master as some sort of obscure, even “rare” NES video game, despite the fact that not only was Sunsoft something of a mainstream developer, but Blaster Master itself was popular enough to spawn several sequels across a handful of different systems.

That being said, although I like Blaster Master, I have always been more of a player to admire it from afar, never being one of its ardent supporters. It is not among my favorites, but I cannot deny how distinctive its experience is.

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