Bucky O’Hare

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“While other sci-fi themes had been done before for two-dimensional platform titles, and anthropomorphic protagonists had been seen before, no game was quite like Bucky O’Hare.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

There were a lot of platformers on the NES, but I would still cite Bucky O’Hare as one of the ones worth playing. Konami knew what they were doing when they took a license that was already a goofy concept and turned it into a decent game.

Worth mentioning, though, is how horrifyingly difficult this game gets in portions. There is an infamous level involving the challenge to outrace an acid/lava flow — it will take many lives and overall attempts to master, even for long-time NES fanatics. While difficulty in itself is no reason to think of a game as worse than it is, one has to raise an eyebrow at a few of the mechanisms used in Bucky to inflate the hardness of the game.

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