Urban Champion

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“If a player ever wants to walk the gritty city streets beating people up on the NES, then he or she should play a proper beat-’em-up style game like Double Dragon II, River City Ransom, or Mighty Final Fight.”
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This is one of those rare video games you can play for five minutes and experience the entirety of its available experience. The only other NES title I can think of that even comes close is Marble Madness, but at least Marble Madness takes some practice and skill before being able to complete it. Urban Champion is a game that even beginning gamers can easily “beat” the first time they try. Once the confetti flies, sometimes less than two minutes into the gameplay, there is nothing else to see. If you really want to stretch your experience, you have to perform exciting feats like let yourself get hit by the falling flower pot to see what getting dazed looks like, or allow a fight to run out of time in order to view the much sought-after arrest animation. This truly feels more like a prototype than a true video game, like a basic experiment or concept project.

If you don’t believe me, check out the Let’s Play video:

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