High Speed

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“Every change from Pin*Bot seems to be a consequence, rather than a benefit. The gameplay is too crowded, the board is uglier, the background music is not as engrossing, the challenge level is unevenly skewed, the involvement of Tradewest seems to be a regrettable choice of action in hindsight, and, overall, it just is not as fun. If anything, the Pin*Bot comparison serves as a favor; without it, this game seems more original, but like even less of a stand-out title in the NES library.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

I get the feeling that there are definitely some fans of High Speed out there. But when I play High Speed I get the feeling of motion sickness and nausea. I believe this is the NES pinball game I like the least.

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  1. you just gotta know how to play it to enjoy it

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