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“While the whimsical images of the playing cards, Mario, ball-bouncing seals, and the metallic ball at least show signs of an effort being put into this title, the overall effect remains definitively underwhelming.”
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I will leave it to someone else to point out how poignant it was to have a pinball game as among the NES’s launch titles; and, at face value, this is not a terrible game. Especially as the years go by, its simplistic stylism does retain a certain charm. Under scrutiny, though, one cannot reasonably place this in the top pantheon of the 8-bit library. It has its place elsewhere.

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  1. wow. this was one of my favorite games for the NES. the appeal was to always aim for a higher score. I’ve hit 6 digits but maybe it was more. it was a long time ago when I played this game. I would say I was good. it was before the internet so I have nothing to compare it to. it was a challenge to get the ball up to daisy, or to unlock the penguins, or to open up all your cards. it was a challenge to keep your ball afloat and not die. for one of the early games for the NES, it kept my gaming interest afloat. i totally disagree with the score of 2/5. it was more a 4/5 game once you got into it and got to a point where you were getting your ball up to daisy often.

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