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“In other words, the screen never scrolls, and the entire experience is remarkably claustrophobic.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

I think I have to agree that this is the worst baseball game on the NES. Among all the others, from Base Wars to Legends of the Diamond to Baseball Simulator 1.000 to the Baseball Stars/Bases Loaded/R.B.I. Baseball series even to the weird LJN Roger Clemens effort, they may have their vast differences but the original stands as the worst. Perhaps it can be defended as the bold entry necessary to embolden developers to produce so many latter baseball games of better quality?

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  1. Wow, Baseball, what a terrible game. If only it was the worst of the launch titles…

  2. […] title screen theme is a slightly altered version of the tune from release titles Baseball and Pro Wrestling, which is neat. Beyond that, the sound effects are fairly standard, and hardly […]

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