Winter Games

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“Every once in a while, throughout the course of reviewing video games, there arrives a title for which it is truly difficult to convey how badly made, unfun, and regrettable it is. This is one of those occasions. Without playing the game yourself and experiencing the horror first-hand, no further words are really going to be any additionally convincing.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

I enjoy the videos made by The Angry Video Game Nerd. I do, though, think that many people get so caught up in his entertaining style that they forget that his clips are primarily for entertainment, not information. Sometimes he will trash a game in a vicious manner to be funny, despite the game not being as bad as he implies. Other times, he will make a portion of the game look much worse than it truly is. The sad thing is that many viewers will see this videos, decide the game is terrible, and never give it a chance, despite it potentially offering a truly enjoyable experience.

On this one, however, AVGN was 100% right: This game is a steaming pile of crap.

For example, Exhibit A Among Many, behold the worst background music of any NES video game:

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  1. Oh, the figure skating. How I loath the figure skating. Bobsledding is the closest to something fun here.

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