Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones

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“The third Double Dragon iteration borrows some gameplay aspects from the first and second games, culminating in the most challenging of the trio by far.”
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The infamous "BIMMY" typo.


The levels really do look good.

This video game has mummies.

But seriously:  This is certainly my least-liked choice of the three Double Dragon games on the NES. There is definitely, undeniably something that can be said for a healthy amount of challenge increasing the quality of a video game. However, I am not an apologist who will form an argument for the quality of DD3 contingent on its toughness. No, my take is much simpler: It is just not as fun as the other two games, or most beat-’em-ups in general, a genre I love. Now, III is not terrible by any means, and will certainly please those looking for a grueling bout to sink their fighter teeth into, but to me it just does not quite approach the timeless classic arcade port original or the unique brand of beat-’em fun offered in the second. This is a good-looking, solid-sounding beater title with some interesting takes in gaining characters and moveset. But, meh.

NES Gameplay Tips for Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones: I have three:

1) Master the reach of the kick. Practice it until you have it down cold. Then, in countless situations, you will be able to let the enemy character walk right into your foot for quick, debilitating damage.

2) Master the spinning jump kick. This is your saving grace from tough situations that is also crucial for boss fights. Use liberally within range.

3) Pray to Jesus.

3 Responses to “ Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones ”

  1. By the looks of it, the PAL version is the same as this one, including the typo.

    I think I’m more positive towards this game than you do, but I prefer II over III as well (never played the first on the NES sadly, I should check my local retrogame store for a copy).
    DDII was unforgiving, but III really upped the ante. I just have to close my eyes to see those dreaded bodybuilders in speedo’s running to hurt your character in the “Rome”-level.

  2. The concept of this website is a good one, unfortunately your writing and all-too-brief articles let it down.

  3. @Rizzo — The full review is just under 1,000 words. I commend your love of reading and dedication to the NES that you are so vocally disappointed in my paper-thin coverage of Double Dragon III.

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