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“The question remained, though: Is it worthwhile to produce a cards simulation onto a cart?”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

I figured I would get these American Video Entertainment games out of the way, as I have done a couple others recently. These are weirdly difficult reviews to write. I mean, in all seriousness: How can I squeeze in 500 words to describe a playing-cards game? It just gets tedious and silly.

Seriously: With board games, I can totally understand some advantages to playing it in a video game format. Gameplay can proceed more quickly, there are less possibilities for disputes, nobody has to volunteer to be the “banker,” etc. But card games seem like a different beast to me. I talk about this a bit in a video I made for Blackjack on NES:

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  1. I agree…there isn’t much to this game other than blackjack. Seems silly for something released near the end of the NES lifespan, in 1992, to be so shallow on content.

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