Challenge of the Dragon

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“Now, storyline cliches and other kung fu-related titles aside, Challenge of the Dragon is a fairly distinctive, unique game; and, with its artistic strokes and no gameplay stoppages to answer trivia, can be considered a step above the majority of the Color Dreams/Wisdom Tree library.”
– from the full review, which you can read here.

This was quite the Challenge to review (see what I did there?). On the one hand, this is a Color Dreams game, and that company (along with Wisdom Tree) is usually a fair target for good-natured ribbing concerning their games. On the other hand…

Try this one. Give Challenge of the Dragon a shot. If they had only programmed the combat system and hit detection better, this could have been a great game, somewhere in quality between Fist of the North Star and Ninja Gaiden. Read the full review (over 1,000 words this time — should I apologize? you decide) for a look at a game that stands a step above the usual Color Dreams fare yet tragically fails to meet its full potential.

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  1. […] could rightly be knocked for their not-entirely-professional feel. Even their best games, like Challenge Of The Dragon, still have some of the same old familiar programming faults (and more of the same awful, unabashed […]

  2. […] Challenge of the Dragon is an example of a Color Dreams that worked with some interesting design elements and just fell short of being a good game, perhaps sympathetically due to what one can imagine to be less-than-ideal working circumstances and an understaffed team learning as they went along. Menace Beach, on the other hand, is an example of a Color Dreams game that, for most of the playthrough,  just doesn’t even feel like it’s trying. […]

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